This workout was the CrossFit White Rock WOD 1 time on 09/12/2012

20 minutes of work (clock starts at 1:00 and ends on 21:00)

Odd minutes: 1+Power Snatch 1+Snatch 1+Hang Power Snatch 1+Hang Snatch 2+OHS (115/75)

Even minutes: 30 x Double Unders

Record total # of completed rounds, max score is 20


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Result Type: Rounds |  Average: 16 rounds |  Record: 20 rounds held by <a href="/profiles/6854">Wes Dunn</a> and <a href="/profiles/7569">Ryan Kinnebrew</a> and <a href="/profiles/16477">Patricio Gargollo</a> and <a href="/profiles/17148">Craig Oliver</a> and <a href="/profiles/5804">Trey Reed</a> and <a href="/profiles/5805">Shauna Izadi</a> and <a href="/profiles/9332">Robert Mapes</a> and <a href="/profiles/7264">Russell Page</a> and <a href="/profiles/16927">J. Scott Porter</a> and <a href="/profiles/19208">Frank Jeffery</a> and <a href="/profiles/4179">Brian Alfano</a> and <a href="/profiles/8909">Sulan Chang</a> and <a href="/profiles/13128">Patrick Malafronte</a> and <a href="/profiles/8451">Kari Ann Partovi</a> and <a href="/profiles/8988">Jason Partovi</a> and <a href="/profiles/13792">&quot;Bubba&quot; Glenn Futerfas</a> and <a href="/profiles/12032">Lenka Urbanova</a> and <a href="/profiles/15749">Stephen La Violette</a>
Taken 34 times by:
RankName ResultDate Taken
1Ryan KinnebrewModified 20 rounds09/12/2012
2Frank JefferyRXed 20 rounds09/12/2012
3Lenka UrbanovaRXed 20 rounds09/12/2012
4Stephen La VioletteModified 20 rounds09/14/2012
5Kari Ann PartoviModified 20 rounds09/12/2012
6Trey ReedModified 20 rounds09/12/2012
7Patricio GargolloModified 20 rounds09/12/2012
8Shauna IzadiModified 20 rounds09/12/2012
9Sulan ChangModified 20 rounds09/12/2012
10Patrick MalafronteModified 20 rounds09/12/2012

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