Made of Glass

This workout was the CrossFit White Rock WOD 1 time on 09/10/2012

12min AMRAP(reps)

7 x Dumbbell squat cleans

10 x Pull-ups

*On minutes 2,4,6,8 do 7 x burpees on dumbbells and replace the jump by standing up with the dumbbells

*Record total number of reps completed. Burpees dont count as reps


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Result Type: Rounds |  Average: 74 rounds |  Record: 154 rounds held by <a href="/profiles/14752">Robert Janeczko</a>
Taken 32 times by:
RankName ResultDate Taken
1Robert JaneczkoModified 154 rounds09/10/2012
2Patrick MalafronteModified 121 rounds09/10/2012
3Colin PeroModified 114 rounds09/10/2012
4Matthew CoxRXed 106 rounds09/10/2012
5Jamey GarnerModified 105 rounds09/10/2012
6Brian WatkinsRXed 97 rounds09/10/2012
7Benjamin GunnelsModified 85 rounds09/10/2012
8Trey ReedModified 85 rounds09/10/2012
9Tiffany JohnsonModified 85 rounds09/10/2012
10April BellModified 85 rounds09/10/2012
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