I think I need some more cardio

This workout was the CrossFit White Rock WOD 1 time on 09/07/2012

Row 2k

Rest 2min

Run 1 mile

Rest 2min

Row 500m (As hard as you can go)

Rest 2min

100 x Double Unders

*Record the total time it takes you to complete all of the above


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Result Type: Time |  Average: 29 mins 27 secs |  Record: 23 mins 30 secs held by <a href="/profiles/13128">Patrick Malafronte</a>
Taken 49 times by:
RankName ResultDate Taken
1Patrick MalafronteRXed 23 mins 30 secs09/07/2012
2Robert JaneczkoRXed 23 mins 48 secs09/07/2012
3Jason PartoviRXed 23 mins 48 secs09/07/2012
4Whit SowardsRXed 24 mins 34 secs09/07/2012
5Lenka UrbanovaRXed 25 mins 14 secs09/07/2012
6Travis SpillmanRXed 25 mins 27 secs09/07/2012
7Gabby MavelianRXed 25 mins 44 secs09/07/2012
8Joe PModified 26 mins 2 secs09/07/2012
9James SheppardRXed 26 mins 34 secs09/07/2012
10Eric HurstRXed 26 mins 43 secs09/07/2012

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funny matthew...
I want Gabby tested for double under horse steroid performance and focus enhancement!!! Do you inject it directly into your wrist and feet?
Two diffrent size balls...You're silly!
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