This workout was the CrossFit White Rock WOD 1 time on 09/04/2012

For 14 minutes perform

Odd minutes: 10 x Goblet Squats with a 3 sec pause at bottom of the 10th rep

Even minutes: Max box jumps

*Score is total # of box jumps completed at end of wod. Keep a running total going


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Result Type: Rounds |  Average: 114 rounds |  Record: 212 rounds held by <a href="/profiles/12032">Lenka Urbanova</a>
Taken 51 times by:
RankName ResultDate Taken
1Lenka UrbanovaRXed 212 rounds09/04/2012
2Patrick MalafronteRXed 193 rounds09/04/2012
3Kevin Mc KibbenRXed 178 rounds09/04/2012
4Eric LardnerRXed 160 rounds09/04/2012
5Kathleen HowardRXed 160 rounds09/04/2012
6Jim DineenRXed 153 rounds09/04/2012
7Heidi PettitRXed 153 rounds09/04/2012
8Alan EbersteinRXed 150 rounds09/04/2012
9Gabby MavelianRXed 142 rounds09/04/2012
10Mark FlynnRXed 140 rounds09/04/2012
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