Texas Barbell Massacre #1

This workout was the CrossFit White Rock WOD 1 time on 09/17/2012

STRENGTH: 1+Power Clean, 1+Hang Power Clean, 1+Down&Up Clean(full squat), 1+1(1/4) Front Squat

Perform 7 x sets of this complex trying to go as heavy as you can each set without putting the bar down.

Rest 1:00 to 1:30 between sets.


WOD: 30 x Hang Squat Cleans, when done strip the bar and run 400m with bumper plate.

Rx Division Men: 155lb Hang Squat Cleans/45lb bumper plate

Rx Division Women: 105lb Hang Squat Cleans/45lb bumper plate

Scaled Men: 115lb Hang Squat Cleans/45lb bumper plate

Scaled Women: 75lb Hang Squat Cleans/45 bumper plate


Record the weight you did for each clean complex in your notes.

Record total time it takes you to complete wod


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Result Type: Time |  Average: 9 mins 43 secs |  Record: 10 secs held by <a href="/profiles/19496">Heather Dyer</a>
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RankName ResultDate Taken
1Heather DyerModified 10 secs09/17/2012
2Natasha NaquinModified 12 secs09/17/2012
3Alan EbersteinRXed 6 mins 25 secs09/17/2012
4Matthew BarksdaleRXed 7 mins 13 secs09/18/2012
5Tim HamptonModified 7 mins 17 secs09/17/2012
6"Bubba" Glenn FuterfasModified 7 mins 18 secs09/17/2012
7Lenka UrbanovaModified 7 mins 21 secs09/17/2012
8Kate Alison GrubbModified 7 mins 22 secs09/17/2012
9Davis FelderModified 7 mins 30 secs09/17/2012
10Jamey GarnerModified 7 mins 57 secs09/17/2012
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