Severin Benchmark

This workout was the CrossFit White Rock WOD 1 time on 01/04/2014

50 Strict Pull-ups

  • 100 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
  • Run 5K
  • If you've got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.


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    Result Type: Time |  Average: 39 mins 57 secs |  Record: 26 secs held by <a href="/profiles/17250">Myles Tate</a>
    Taken 37 times by:
    RankName ResultDate Taken
    1Myles TateModified 26 secs01/04/2014
    2Roxanne PeroModified 33 mins 30 secs01/04/2014
    3John CallenderModified 35 mins 30 secs01/04/2014
    4Lauren SechristModified 36 mins 42 secs01/04/2014
    5Jamie RodriguezModified 37 mins 38 secs01/04/2014
    6Lindsay WilsonModified 37 mins 50 secs01/04/2014
    7Colin PeroRXed 38 mins 5 secs01/04/2014
    8Brian WatkinsRXed 38 mins 14 secs01/04/2014
    9Devin JacobsonRXed 38 mins 29 secs01/04/2014
    10Monica BrookhartModified 38 mins 30 secs01/04/2014

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    I thought it was great!!
    Don't worry Sam, there's a mod for this workout.......breakfast at Mecca.
    Um, for real?!
    It looks like you have not yet taken this workout.