EMOM: Back Squats

This workout was the CrossFit White Rock WOD 1 time on 10/05/2012

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes perform 2 x Back squats at 90% of your 1RM


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Result Type: Load |  Average: 1407 lbs |  Record: 3250 lbs held by <a href="/profiles/15023">Jim Dineen</a>
Taken 29 times by:
RankName ResultDate Taken
1Jim DineenRXed 3250 lbs10/05/2012
2Alan EbersteinRXed 3070 lbs10/05/2012
3Daniel GarnerRXed 2950 lbs10/05/2012
4J Trevor HeaneyRXed 2550 lbs10/05/2012
5Cullen FrazierRXed 2450 lbs10/05/2012
6Ryan PenaRXed 2250 lbs10/05/2012
7Adam StricklandRXed 2250 lbs10/05/2012
8Stephen La VioletteRXed 1950 lbs10/06/2012
9David WilliamsRXed 1950 lbs10/05/2012
10Ann JuracekRXed 1950 lbs10/05/2012
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