1 Mile Run Benchmark

This workout was the CrossFit White Rock WOD 8 times on 03/04/2011 , 06/30/2011 , 09/06/2011 , 12/13/2011 , 07/20/2012 ... Show All
Run 1 mile for time.


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Result Type: Time |  Average: 7 mins 31 secs |  Record: 14 secs held by <a href="/profiles/23630">Leticia Campos</a>
Taken 160 times by:
RankName ResultDate Taken
1Leticia CamposModified 14 secs10/10/2013
2Jeromy SpecialeRXed 4 mins 56 secs03/04/2011
3Allen FlackRXed 5 mins 20 secs06/30/2011
4Chris DuncanRXed 5 mins 23 secs07/20/2012
5Jason PartoviRXed 5 mins 37 secs12/13/2011
6Tim HamptonRXed 5 mins 39 secs07/20/2012
7Matthew BarksdaleRXed 5 mins 40 secs12/13/2011
8Gabby MavelianRXed 5 mins 43 secs07/06/2012
9T J HendricksRXed 5 mins 43 secs03/04/2011
10Mark FlynnModified 5 mins 48 secs10/27/2010

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@Jeromy, you have nothing to worry about! I don’t think anybody is going to beat 4:56! Did you ride a moped to get that time..lol.
Yaay! An easy traveling workout :)
im bringing the HEAT!!!!!!!!!
can't a man (or woman) be allowed to keep at least one box record for a change? take a rest day people!
I would love to say I would take a shot at Jeromy's time, but it is not going to happen today... too fast for my out of shape blood
...Not sure why mine says modified. Under 5 minutes is incredible.
Ben2010 Coach_overlay_ribbon
can anyone surpass Jeromy? sub 5min... any takers?
It looks like you have not yet taken this workout.