Congratulations! Getting started with CrossFit White Rock is the best decision you’ve ever made for your own health and fitness. Here are the paths available to you.

1. The CrossFit White Rock Elements Prep Course

99% of people will fall into this category, even if you’ve been training in CrossFit for a while. The Prep Course will do just that, it will properly prepare you to join classes at CrossFit White Rock. It also prepares us to best serve you. During this course we will get to know more about you. We will conduct assessments in order to better understand you, your goals, and your history. Additionally, under the guidance of our expert coaches you will receive a comprehensive introduction of the CrossFit program.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Body-weight movements
  • Olympic lifting
  • Power lifting
  • Common movements like rowing, jump rope, kettlebells, etc
  • Warming up
  • Cooling down
  • Introduction to Nutritional concepts

All movements have modifications and we work with all ability levels. We focus on proper technique to ensure your safety and success in our program.

The CrossFit White Rock Elements Prep Course is 6 sessions. Each session is one hour and takes place in a one on one or small group setting.

If your schedule doesn't mesh with ours or you prefer private training,  you can schedule Private Elements for your Elements training. There is no time like right now to change your life, contact us now to get started.

2. A personal assessment by one of our coaches.

If you think you don’t require the Prep Course you can sign up to be evaluated individually by one of our coaches.

At the end of the assessment the coach will confirm one of three possibilities.

  • That you are ready for group classes.
  • You need to attend the Elements Prep Course before joining group classes.
  • You require some personal training before joining group classes

3. Private Training with one of our coaches.

If you prefer personal training and are more comfortable working directly with a professional coach, you have come to the right place. Training sessions can be had with 1 to 3 athletes. Please contact us to inquire about training packages and availability.  


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