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Workout History

Date Workout Result Notes Action
02/18/2014 Holy Schnike! RXed 15:12
02/17/2014 Fat guy in a little coat RXed 13:03
02/17/2014 Fat guy in a little coat RXed 13:03
01/27/2014 CrossFit Games Open 13.1 RXed 113 rxed
01/07/2014 Samsonite! I was way off Mod 198 Modified with a light 95lb bar. My back was killing me on the dead lifts
01/04/2014 Severin RXed 40:50 I did this with no bands, it was harder than I thought not to kip on the pull-ups, I ran an easy 5k, but I ran 3 miles before I came to crossfit this morning
12/30/2013 Why I Oughtaaaaaa Mod 16:10 I couldn't do 30" box jumps at the end and did 24" instead
12/12/2013 Row 5K RXed 20:01
11/25/2013 I am Jack's cold sweat RXed 06:00 Almost forgot last 9 box jumps. Should have beat 6 min had I not stopped to lay down after the 9 OHS
08/30/2013 Run n' Shoot RXed 10:14 115#
08/28/2013 Karen Mod 06:40 10 lbs 100 reps
08/19/2013 Back Squats I Mod 120 lbs
08/09/2013 Twerksanity RXed 14:45 125#
08/07/2013 Sinking into sweet uncertanity Mod 00:29 53# kettle bell The heat was too much and I walked on both 800s
08/05/2013 Max Front Squat PRed RXed 255 lbs
07/31/2013 Clean & Jerk Ladder RXed 235 lbs CLEANED 245, BUT NO DICE ON THE JERK
07/31/2013 Runnit Mod 11:30 145lbs, I was smoked
07/31/2013 Max Clean & Jerk PRed RXed 235 lbs
07/31/2013 Max Clean PRed RXed 245 lbs
07/29/2013 Man Up Mod 47 used 30 lb DB and banded Muscle ups
07/29/2013 Max Back Squat PRed RXed 305 lbs
07/22/2013 Sugar we're going down swingin Mod 15:36 95lb bar. Might have been a little light, but 115 would have been too much and 135 would have injured me.
07/16/2013 Fran PRed RXed 06:25
06/25/2013 Clean, Hang Clean + Jerk RXed 205 lbs ripped hand prevented me from going heavier
06/24/2013 Helen PRed RXed 12:03 Ripped hand slowed me on pull ups
06/24/2013 Max Back Squat RXed 275 lbs
06/22/2013 Push Jerks 10:00 EMOM @ 75% RXed 135 lbs Went light shoulder sore
06/21/2013 Death By Wall Balls RXed 16
06/20/2013 High Hang Clean RXed 585 lbs 185, 195, 205
06/20/2013 Beach Bod Mod 06:24 Did the first round of muscle ups prescribed, but switched to banded low muscle ups on the last 3 rounds. Used 115 lbs for shoulder to overhead and lunges
06/19/2013 Oh my Lanta... RXed 31:05 died, dead!!!!!
06/10/2013 Flying Horses RXed 64 135# front squats. T2B were pretty good, I need to get gloves that work to protect my hands
06/10/2013 Max Shoulder Press Mod 195 lbs
06/10/2013 Max Back Squat Mod 255 lbs
06/10/2013 Max Push Press Mod 215 lbs
06/10/2013 Max Front Squat Mod 225 lbs
06/10/2013 Max Clean & Jerk Mod 215 lbs I need to work on my squat clean flexibility. I was able to power clean and jerk 225 easy..
06/10/2013 Max Clean Mod 215 lbs
06/10/2013 Max Deadlift Mod 305 lbs I am scared to heavier. Honestly I feel as if I am ripping my low back out when doing DL
06/10/2013 Max Back Squat Mod 275 lbs
06/10/2013 Max Deadlift PRed Mod 325 lbs
06/07/2013 The Dark Island RXed 151
06/05/2013 Reepicheep RXed 13:41 Tricep failure.
06/03/2013 Jackie RXed 09:21 Row was 3:38, pretty good for me. I got tired out on the Thrusters, but was still OK at that point. Once I got to the Pull ups, I struggled. I could not grip well and kipping was difficult due to the weak slippery grip on the bar. I need to work on improving my sweat management.
05/02/2013 Jericho RXed 13:38 Sucked. Ouch I was smoked after this workout. I dislike both lb swings and wall balls. Just add burpees to make me die. I need more of this!!!!
05/01/2013 Hybrid Mod 14:48 115# Bar. I could have pushed the heavier bar, but I was tired this morning and glad to just have made it in to the 5:15 class. I will be sure to go heavier tomorrow.
04/25/2013 I'm gonna pop some tags RXed 05:21 155#
04/24/2013 I don't think you're ready for this jelly Mod 21:54 mod 25# kb for TGU
04/23/2013 Cold Steel Mod 76 75 lb snatch
04/20/2013 Fight Gone Bad! RXed 258
04/18/2013 500mtr Row RXed 01:43 I've done this faster, but this was after the WOD and my quads were smoked before I did this.
04/18/2013 DiG iN Mod 09:12
04/17/2013 Ignite Mod 26:23
04/15/2013 Ether Mod 12:31 115#
04/10/2013 Fancy Pants Mod 17:11 used a band on the ring dips and did single unders later in the workout. I was smoked. First workout back since getting a cold last week.
03/29/2013 Mirrors RXed 19:58 500m row, too fast? Push-ups, too weak?, thrusters, too tired? 1 mi run, too slow? Yes to all.
03/26/2013 Tunnel Vision Mod 218 115 lb on the clean. This was heavier than expected and my grip was failing on this lift before I got tired. Pull ups were sloppy. i lost my ability to kip properly on the pull ups
03/12/2013 2011 MaDNesS Mod 215 60 burpees, 20 OHS @ 95#, 3 rounds 30 DU & 15 power snatch @ 75#
03/11/2013 Elizabeth PRed Mod 10:36 115 lb cleans, blue band on ring dips
03/09/2013 Open 13.1 RXed 101 I want to work on my Snatch. I got stuck at the 135lb mark. I should have made it through these.
03/06/2013 Fortress of Solitude RXed 06:27 Wow this hurt
03/05/2013 Krypton Mod 86 95# bar, This workout was hard on my back. I need to work on my Core Strength to improve front squats
03/02/2013 Kelly PRed RXed 32:10 20# med ball, 24" Box
02/28/2013 Why is she with him? He doesn't even CrossFit... Mod 22:48 Dead lifts need work. Dropped from 225, 205, to 155. My back takes too much abuse on these high rep Deadlift workouts.
02/25/2013 Air Force Mod 15:00 Strength: 5 x 3: Set 1-145, Set 2-155, Set 3-175, Set 4-185, Set 5-195. Form began to deteriorate at set 5, but I think I could have gotten 200# for a set of 3 had I taken 2 min rest and did a 6th set. I used 75 # on the WOD and did only 10 Front Squats at the end. My Quads were fried from the half marathon the day before and I could not perform one rep with proper form when I got to the Front Squats. My feet were too wide and I could not get deep enough no matter how hard I tried.
02/20/2013 Defining Moment Mod 129 rounds 165# dead lift, 20# wall ball. I held back a little today
02/19/2013 JUst kEep SwImMinG RXed 21:22 Dang whipped my butt
02/12/2013 YOLO RXed 114 I did 155# Push Jerk, 70#KB Swing; tried 30# Wall ball, but switched to the 20# in my second round of the AMRAP.
01/30/2013 Electric Avenue Mod 48 135lbs on bar. I was gassed on this workout. My heart was not into this workout and the low carb diet I am on is affecting my energy levels.
01/29/2013 Premium Rush Mod 10:19 53# kb, 24" box
01/28/2013 Better Bag it Up RXed 117 I need to practice toes to bar
01/23/2013 CFE-Pollos Mod 18:44 Wow this workout killed me. I was struggling with back pain and had to adjust my squat stance since this hurt really badly. I need to work on increasing my leg strength. I feel as if my legs never recover.
01/22/2013 NightFall Mod 126 used 35 lb db for the renegade rows. My shoulders hurt too much to do the 45lb rows
01/17/2013 Let's go bub RXed 108 I went out way too fast.
01/16/2013 CFE-Chief Running Bear RXed 21:00 135# bear complex, 53# KB, triceps couldn't push the hspu
01/15/2013 Sonic Boom RXed 30:00 I lost track of what round I was in, I might have completed this in 29:31, but I can't be sure. I was burn't the f out at the end. Push-ups are a problem, and work needs to done. Obviously, no Bench press, and few push-ups will leave this area weakened. I need to do these more often.
01/14/2013 Broken Mod 12:07 65lb snatch
01/14/2013 CFE-Get the Maestro cooking again Mod 26:31 did russian kb swings with the 53#, situps slowed me down. 100 always kills me
01/12/2013 Pain can be controlled - you just disconnect it Mod 18:07 Modified the kettlebells to 45# burpees killed me
01/08/2013 CFE- Jacked Jackie RXed 19:30 I hate rowing. 45# Bar on thrusters
01/07/2013 Just remember, you wanted this RXed 08:58 20# med ball.
01/02/2013 Wolf Pack RXed 12:40 My double unders need serious work. I am struggling to get them consistent. Vi could have nailed the workout in half the time had I got the jump rope perfected
12/28/2012 More Cowbell RXed 195 96#HPC , 24" box
12/17/2012 Optimus Prime Mod 10:05 95# OHS, 30" Box. The OHS sucks. I need to loosen up my shoulders to make these less painful.
12/11/2012 You know I don't speak Spanish RXed 111 95 lbs was not too bad, but I was gassed early on this one. I think I need to eat better. I am not feeling like I have any endurance to push on these workouts.
12/10/2012 CFE- Up the river RXed 29:45 Sucked!!!
12/03/2012 CFE- Just buy the RV RXed 16:30 135# squat. this was a good workout, but it wasn't too long. I am sure that I missed the cash out at the end.
11/28/2012 What we do in life, echoes in eternity RXed 29:22 I was hurting during this workout. I ran out of steam in the second round. I did not eat enough food yesterday and I suffered throughout this workout because of it. I was planning on coming back up for the CFE workout yesterday, but instead I went home and slept on my couch for an hour after this workout. Meaning I was crushed from this.
11/27/2012 Fran RXed 07:27 95lb thrusters were not too bad. i thought I could have gone faster, but I was sore from the pull ups from the day before. I think that I need to eat some more carbs before I go into workout. I run out of glycogen real quickly.
11/26/2012 Nicole RXed 92 It was good, but windy and cold outside
11/09/2012 Nate Mod 13 rounds Used 53 lb kettle bell, and banded muscle ups
11/06/2012 Halo RXed 31:00 Wow this was a hard workout. 95lb squat clean thrusters were hard starting in the 3rd round. my front squats were awful and weak. Need to work on increasing both strength and stamina, more stamina. Eat more carbs and reap more results.
11/05/2012 Oh you fancy huh Mod 06:13 225 lbs dead lift
10/23/2012 CFE- Plateau RXed 24:21
10/23/2012 By your powers combined Mod 11:37 115 lb cleans, 35 lb KB goblet squats, 24" box
10/19/2012 Helen RXed 12:59 53 lb kb
10/18/2012 Gangnam Style Mod 25:10 65 lb thrusters, 35 lb sit ups
10/15/2012 CFE Death by Air Squat RXed 33 rounds
10/13/2012 I'm always angry Mod 36:05 115 lbs for clean and jerks and snatch. Snatch form was awful. Need to get lighter weight and work my snatch hard! Jumped a 20" box because I have no ups and a 24" box was going to destroy me. This was a great WOD and I want to do it again.
10/12/2012 Defy Mod 07:01 I went too light and did this with 95 lbs and did assisted muscle ups with a red band
10/02/2012 Push Jerk 7x1 RXed 1295 lbs 185 lbs 7 x 1
10/02/2012 Frickin Cowboys RXed 148 115 lb push press, 20lb med ball, no bands on the pull ups. My triceps burned out in the 3rd round of the push press and it took all I had to get the 10 reps unbroken in the last 3 rounds. I got 4 full rounds and got to 10 wall balls in the 5th round, but those wall balls were weak.
09/27/2012 Chocolate Rain RXed 33:20 The double unders killed me. I did the 2k row in 7:56 and felt good. I just could not get in a double under rhythm. Ab mat sit ups are hard for me, but I got through these
09/26/2012 CrossFit Total RXed 775 lbs squat:275, dead lift: 325, shoulder press: 175
09/25/2012 Turkish Get-Ups Mod 245 lbs I hate this math, I used a 35# KB and this was hard
09/25/2012 Crawling in the Dark Mod 16:35 I did knees to elbows, I need to work core. I did 115 lb power hang cleans
09/24/2012 Pendlay Rows RXed 1350 lbs 10 x 3sets same weight
09/24/2012 Randy PRed RXed 07:01 75lbs, wow this made my lungs burn
09/22/2012 You want us to do what? RXed 31:04 20 # med ball, 2 ab mats for hspu
09/21/2012 Lurong #2 Burpee KB Madness RXed 18:58 It was hard
09/20/2012 EMOM: Push Press RXed 165 lbs 10 sets EMOM of 165
09/20/2012 I need some T to the 4th power Y RXed 246 6-1/2 rounds
09/19/2012 Weighted Push-Ups Mod 95 lbs I did not push very hard on this. I was saving myself for the Lurong Living Challenge WOD of 5 RFT of 20 KB swings (53lbs), and 20 Burpees
09/19/2012 Christine RXed 17:26 205 lbs deadlift
09/18/2012 GI Jane RXed 18:59 Did the Lurong Living Challenge WOD instead. I did 5 RFT of 20 Burpees and 20 KB Swings in 18:59
09/17/2012 Texas Barbell Massacre #1 Mod 07:18 strength: 7 sets up to 165, WOD: 115 lbs with 35 lb run
09/13/2012 High Bar Back Squat RXed 245 lbs This was a good weight for me today. Likely could have pushed to 265, but 245 was good for the short rest periods
09/13/2012 Death by Clean & Jerks RXed 6 rounds 135 was not too heavy, but I died in the 7th minute I got 3 reps and was gassed. Need more experience, let's do this again
09/12/2012 Unbreakable Mod 20 rounds used 75 lbs. I was able to do all the double unders, HELL YEAH! The weight was not too heavy, but I donated blood the day before and I felt ripped apart on the workout because my RBCs were in short supply.
09/10/2012 Weighted Pull-Up RXed 53 lbs Got the 53, tried 55, no good
09/10/2012 Made of Glass Mod 78 rounds 35 lb dumbbells, no bands on the pull ups!!! I did not have to use bands today. Hooray
09/05/2012 Pendlay Rows RXed 855 lbs 65, 95, 115, 135, 145, 155, 145
09/05/2012 Too close for missiles, I'm switching to guns Mod 17:37 40 lb renegade rows, 35lb kettlebell situps, used bands on the pullups for the last 3 rounds.
09/04/2012 EMOM: Back Squats Mod 185 lbs 220, 185, 185, 185...
09/04/2012 Lawless Mod 84 rounds I did not get all the Goblet Squats in the last 2 rounds. I was smoked. Used the 53# Kettlebell and the 24" box as RXd.
08/30/2012 3 position clean + jerk x 5 Mod 575 lbs 95, 115, 115, 125, 125
08/30/2012 The Chief Mod 23 rounds 95 lbs, way too light, 6, 4, 4, 4, 5
08/29/2012 DJ Ruby Rhod Mod 28:53 Used the 53# kettlebell, and did not do the 2 second hold on the ring rows. I also did a pretty easy ring row because my back was smoked. I walked part of the second mile to get my HR down a little. I liked the workout a lot. we need more of these run based workouts.
08/28/2012 Leeloo Mod 165 rounds used a 14 lb med ball, should have used the 20 lb, but i felt pretty good about this workout.
08/28/2012 Push Press 7x2 RXed 1195 lbs 145, 165, 175, 185, 175, 175, 175, 175. I thought 175 was easy, but 185 caused me to break form and arch my back. I could have gone heavier, but truthfully, there is no good reason to hurt myself on these when 175 felt good.
08/27/2012 Sumo Deadlift 5x3 RXed 1500 lbs 3 x 275, 2 x 225. Honestly, I do not know where my strength was yesterday. I felt like i had enough endurance, but not enough strength
08/27/2012 Negative, I am a meat popsicle Mod 08:41 Did 95# on the Lunges and hang cleans. The Hang Cleans were not too bad, but the Lunges were tough for me. I felt very weak today. I had a hard time with the muscle ups too. I used a band and did the fake ones. I need to work on my muscle ups and my strength. I am very weak.
08/21/2012 Dirty Dancing Mod 160 I did 20 DU per round. I got through the round of 28 burpees + 10 more DU
08/20/2012 Give It Some Gas RXed 11:12
08/20/2012 15 min to establish 2 RM Snatch Balance Mod 75 lbs Embarrassing, yes, but I was not trying to actually find my snatch balance 2rm. I worked form and feel better if I work this more often.
08/16/2012 You're my boy Blue RXed 35 rounds I have no endurance. My legs are fried from all the squats the last 2 weeks. The Cleans required a full front squat of the bar and I was toast in the first 15 reps at 75#. When I loaded the 135# bar, i did not complete a single full clean. My quads were done.
08/16/2012 Keep Our Composure Mod 3 rounds 75# snatch, 25# smash ball, pull ups with 3 bands
08/16/2012 Split Jerk RXed 205 lbs Worked up to 205 #, but I think with a little work this could be closer to 250 in a few months. I need to work on muscular endurance and do fewer low weight sets while working up to my Split jerk 1RM.
08/15/2012 EMOM: Back Squats RXed 1740 lbs Did 5 EMOM of 3 reps of 225#, and then did 3 EMOM of 5 reps of 205#
08/14/2012 Deadlift 7x1 RXed 2205 lbs 315# x 7, this was my max, but I think I can get 400# in a few months
08/14/2012 The Sweetness Mod 15:08 30" box, this killed me. I think my cardio is dead. I need to run a lot more. I am getting on the track and doing the joe friel HR zone test, then I am going to run 4 day/wk in Zone 2 for 60-90 min. This way i can improve my cardio fitness. i need to slow down to speed up. The LSD with the Crossfit will make me better.
08/10/2012 15 minutes to establish 2 RM High Bar Back Squat RXed 255 lbs
07/20/2012 1 Mile Run RXed 07:13 105 degrees humid
07/20/2012 Row 2K RXed 08:45
07/20/2012 Max Pull Ups RXed 10 My grip gave out first, I need to work this
07/20/2012 Max Push ups RXed 36
07/20/2012 100 sit ups for time Mod 08:35
07/19/2012 Row 2K PRed RXed 08:08
07/19/2012 Thunder Buddies RXed 5 rounds I have no endurance
07/09/2012 July Painstorm Mod 55:24 Round 1: 80lbs on 200m, 95lbs on Power Clean, 95lbs on Thrusters, Pull ups with 3 green bands Round 2: 80lbs on 200m, 95lbs power clean, 95lbs Thrusters, Pullups with 3 green bands Round 3: 80lbs on 200m, 95lbs power cleans, 95lbs thrusters, pull ups 3 green bands Round 4: 40lbs on 200m, 75 lbs power cleans, 75 lbs thrusters, pullups 3 green bands Round 5: 40 lbs on 200m, 75lbs power cleans, 75 lbs thrusters, pullups with 3 green bands
07/03/2012 Push press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps RXed 1185 lbs I think I really hit this well. 3 rep max 185 was about right. I am sure with a little work I could increase this by improving strength and form.
07/03/2012 Pineapple Express Mod 5 rounds I used 115# for this workout. I faded on the Push Press late. I did not struggle with the power cleans on this workout. I got through the burpees on my last round and missed out on doing the power cleans.
06/26/2012 Five D's of Dodgeball Mod 13:14 Used 2 abmats to do the HSPU and on the set of 9 used box to pike the last set since my triceps were wasted. I only did knee raises instead of toes to bars. I need to work on toes to bar.
06/19/2012 I love lamp Mod 46:23 24 inch box, 53 lb kettle bell, 53 lb goblet squat, 20 knee raises ( I cannot do t2b), 14 lb wall ball. 200 single unders
06/18/2012 Elizabeth Mod 13:23 95# squat cleans, blue band on ring dips
05/22/2012 Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps Mod 0 lbs I am not sure how to Deadlift. I think this would be one of the lits that I would naturally be great at like squats. I can squat more than the average bear, but Deadlifts? I am super weak when it comes to these. i should easily be able to deadlift over 300lbs, but I was unable to pull the weight.
05/22/2012 Unique New York Mod 6 rounds 155# deadlift was a little light, but I wanted to protect my back a little as I knew I would be tired from the box jumps. Box Jumped to a 30" Box. I almost completed the 7th round, Did the Deadlifts. boxjumps, and 5 of the 15 abmat situps.
05/21/2012 Badger Mod 45:00 95# squat clean as Rxed, pull ups with 3 gree3n bands, ran all 3 800's
05/19/2012 Kelly RXed 39:42 24" box, 20# med ball
05/16/2012 Ruskies Mod 4 rounds used the 53# kettle bell (70# was Rx'ed), got through the 4 rounds fine, 5th round my hands were ripped up a little and I only completed 25 of the 30 reps. This forced a post workout 500m row. Made it all look sexy.
05/15/2012 Turkish Get Up RXed 53 lbs 70 was too heavy, next time
05/14/2012 CrossFit Games Open 12.2 Mod 60 30 @ 65#, 30 @ 95#...This workout was not too bad. 10 minutes was good, and i could have pushed harder to get to my 3rd set of 30, but the knurls on the bar cut up my palms and fingers. I am awesome and my back is holding up today. This is not getting easier, but I am adapting, slowly.
05/07/2012 You can call me Dragon RXed 17:14 Kyle said we need to try and finish under 15 minutes. I tried, but I fell short. I questioned if I pushed hard enough and could have finished under 15 min, and I know I pushed it to my max. I passed out for 45 minutes on my living room floor when I got home. My body shut down. Somehow I need to increase my VO2 max. I hit my HR threshold early and pegged it out. I could not get my hr down to give me more energy. I am sure if I load more carbs before the workout there may be more in the tank. I ran out of glycogen due to my low glycemic diet. 20# wall ball, 30" box jump
05/03/2012 Michael Mod 27:09 I am not sure that I have the abs to be able to do this any faster. My 8 pack got in the way too often and I had to slow down during the sit-ups. Did Good Mornings with 45# bar rather than the normal back extentions on the GHD.
04/24/2012 Weaksauce Mod 28:27 24" Box and 35 lb Kettle bell. I could have gone a little heavier with the kettlebell, but I am not sure I would have struggled with the 30" box jumps.
04/20/2012 Thumbs Up Mod 19:50 Arms fried on the Hand stand Push ups, had to pike the last set, and switched to the Gren band for the last 3 sets of pullups. The Pistols are tough even when using a bar to help get up and down.
04/17/2012 Coupled Mod 24:29 Thrusters with 95 lbs, muscle ups on low rings with 2 red bands. It was my first workout back after back strain. I went light, but I still struggled on last 800m run and walked half way
04/10/2012 DT Mod 10:55 Wimpy 95 lbs weight was right for me. my grip and forearms were wearing out, and I do not believe they would have survived 5 rounds with a heavier bar. I will develop the strength over time.
04/09/2012 Uncanny Mod 8 rounds 95 lbs on the snatch, went to hard at first and killed myself, Rounds completed: 3-2-1-1-1
04/07/2012 Team WOD Mod 18:00 Row 500 m, 41 ring push ups, 26 clean wall balls, 25 box jumps (30"), row 500 m, 31 ring push ups Team WOD, 4 teammates, 4 stations, rotate on the rower, no rest. Ttl score 609
04/05/2012 Helen Mod 12:18 I am the HUNGER GAMES of crossfit, I am loved by all audiences and am a little overrated. I modified the heck out of this workout: 35# kettlebell, 3 green band assisted pull ups. I really did not dig deep enough this morning on this workout. I could have pushed harder and gone heavier.
04/03/2012 1 rep max power snatch RXed 135 lbs I need to work form, hip explosion and dip. I can get 200lbs by the end of the year if I work my form.
04/03/2012 Randy RXed 09:58 My endurance is second to none, except during our WOD. I ran out of gas on # 25 and had to rest every 5 reps to 75. I need to improve my endurance.
04/02/2012 Shiny Disco Balls Mod 31:56 20# med ball, 2 grn, 1 blu band assisted pull ups , 18 hspu, 7 mod hspu from box, 2 grn, 1 blu assist ctbpu I'm too sexy for this workout!
03/30/2012 Wind Breaker RXed 113 20# med ball, pushed too hard on rower, but I was trying to break myself which we all know is impossible. I am too strong!!!
03/29/2012 Get Up Mod 26:24 I did not really do the workout right. I only did 45 of the 60 hand release burpees due to near death. I pulled 115 lbs on the Deadlift, and weight was good. I had to walk half of the second 800m run and I laid on my living room floor for an hour when I got home because I was so tired. Crossfit may have won the battle today, but it won't win the war!
03/27/2012 Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps RXed 1055 lbs
03/27/2012 Midline This Mod 7 rounds OHS 45lb bar only, pull ups with 2 green bands. My form was not pretty on the OHS and the pull ups were not the best, but at least I looked awesome, as usual.
03/26/2012 CrossFit Tour Mod 26:24 Power Hang Clean -30 x 65lbs - too light go 135 lbs next time Burpee Box Jumps - 40 x tall blue box - too tall ouch! go shorter box next time 50 Kettlebell swings - light kettlebell, go heavier go with a 25 lbs kettlebell next time 100 mountain climbers, could not do a double under, work on double unders. 10lbs Overhead Walking Lunge - too light, but the 10lbs was really tough, push a 35 lbs plate next time Improve my endurance and push heavier weights when possible. I made this workout my b$%^&!


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