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About: Half marathoner needing to change it up. Enter: CrossFit.

Workout History

Date Workout Result Notes Action
04/07/2014 Shumshing Shpecial RXed 09:35 Fuck you kettle bells.
04/04/2014 Cement Shoes RXed 15:57 Run faster.
04/03/2014 Your language is offensive Mod 100 Give it time, we will do the Rx.
04/03/2014 Max Push Press RXed 205 lbs
04/01/2014 Hey, you wanna s'more? Some more of what? Mod 08:04 Ten more lbs on the bar next time. You can handle it.
03/31/2014 The kid is an L7 weenie! Mod 18:27 Almost unbroken with KBs. One band on PU. I'll take it.
03/24/2014 Annie PRed RXed 10:14 Good. Go faster.
03/24/2014 Clean Jerk Complex RXed 215 lbs
03/20/2014 I must break you Mod 120 Knees to gut instead of toes to bar. You can do 155 on hang snatch. Just do it.
03/18/2014 "Yo Adrian! I did it!!" Mod 14:24 Two bands on pullup. Two pads on HSPU. So, there's that.
03/18/2014 Max Shoulder Press RXed 155 lbs Strict press. No bump or pop.
03/17/2014 Cut me Mick RXed 343 rounds Come on fatty. Work the burpees.
03/11/2014 Cephas RXed 175 Gassed on the middle rounds. get out of your head and work.
03/10/2014 Onesimus RXed 09:54 Yes!
03/07/2014 No one cared who I was until I put on the mask Mod 58 2 pads on HSPU. Hand push on rope (3:1). Run faster.
03/06/2014 The shadows betray you because they belong to me RXed 20:40 Use you hips!
03/03/2014 Give me that booze you pumpkin pie haircutted freak! Mod 136 Let's not do this when I just donated blood.
02/27/2014 Nancy PRed Mod 16:28 PR - L1 weight (85lbs). Probably should run faster.
02/27/2014 Squatz Mod 135 lbs Felt damn weird. The workout should be 70% of your split jerk max. If I would have done front squat, I would have broken my damn back.
02/26/2014 Don't drop it! Mod 11:48 L1 with 85lbs. Rope was good. Speed kills.
02/25/2014 Max Clean & Jerk PRed RXed 205 lbs Just keep being quick.
02/25/2014 Day before tomorrow RXed 123 Good. I can get used to this.
02/12/2014 Till We Have Faces Mod 224 rounds L2 weight (155lbs). Some mod with the rope. Just need work.
02/10/2014 Surprised By Joy RXed 162
02/04/2014 Self-Esteem Mod 147 L1 (95lbs) with knees to gut.
01/27/2014 CrossFit Games Open 13.1 Mod 105 75 and 95 respectively. Work on quick and getting under the bar.
01/17/2014 Quadzilla RXed 10:35 115 was the 40%. Good work.
01/17/2014 Clean & Jerk Complex RXed 175 lbs
01/16/2014 Whoopteedoo Mod 13:45 L1 on weight (85). Work snatch form and get help. You tested the feet to bar, just do it already. Don't half-ass that shit.
01/15/2014 Chips N Queso RXed 21:24
01/14/2014 The River Jordyn RXed 169 Faster on the burpees, fat boy.
01/13/2014 North Bardel RXed 165 Looked like a drunk kitten doing the jump lunges. Work on that.
01/10/2014 I traded the van for it straight up Mod 17:38 Mod madness: 85-95-115 on snatch (work on explosion at the hips). Two sets of three mats on HSPU, one set with two mats on HSPU. Work, buddy.
01/09/2014 Row 2K PRed RXed 08:31
01/09/2014 It's ok! I'm a limo driver! RXed 28:56 Stand up. Move faster.
01/08/2014 Hey guys. Woah, Big Gulps, huh? All right! Welp, see ya later Mod 326 L1 on power cleans (135) and knees to gut on bars.
01/07/2014 Samsonite! I was way off Mod 180 L1 weight (115lbs). I have finally found a workout I love!!!
01/06/2014 Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world Mod 125 No weight changes (all 75libs), red and blue band on the pullup.
01/03/2014 Glitch in the Matrix RXed 13:09
12/20/2013 Jackie PRed Mod 11:14 Blue ban help on pullup.
12/18/2013 If You Like Pina Colada Mod 10:45 Band blue on muscle up. DL was heavy.
12/16/2013 Bear Complex RXed 405 lbs
12/05/2013 Encounter with Light RXed 15:10 Not too shabby, fatass.
12/03/2013 Glenmerle RXed 171
12/03/2013 Max Snatch PRed RXed 155 lbs
12/02/2013 The Shining Barrier Mod 11:02 two bands on PU.
11/22/2013 13.4 Mod 48 Knees to gut with feet to bar.
11/20/2013 Javi Bonilla RXed 196 Stop stopping. Get better.
11/18/2013 Sweet Eep RXed 08:46
11/12/2013 2012 Elizabeth style Mod 12:07 115 lbs on the bar. One bar on the dips.
11/12/2013 500mtr Row Mod 01:53
10/21/2013 Lucky Number 7 Mod 103 115 lbs with all movements. Rx on box.
10/14/2013 Slappin Da Bass Mod 233 45lbs on KBs. Meh.
10/11/2013 Hatch 5/2 RXed 275 lbs
10/11/2013 Romanian Dead Lifts RXed 135 lbs
10/11/2013 Clean Complex RXed 105 lbs
10/11/2013 Anchor Drop RXed 11 No lift on the last OHS.
10/09/2013 Hump Daaayyyyyyyyy RXed 160 Go faster next time.
10/07/2013 Pork Chop Mod 257 L1 with 95lbs, knees to stomach with swing down.Looked and felt good on the splits.
09/20/2013 Death by Clean & Jerks Mod 6 rounds 115 lbs on bar. Need work on the full motion.
09/16/2013 Cocoa Puffs Mod 14:18 Two bands for chest PU, 20 lbs on smash. At least I did the run right.
09/06/2013 Point of Authority Mod 25:25 I was on Rx until last 12 reps. Tough restart.
09/04/2013 On A Steel Horse I Ride Mod 45:23 L2 KB (53), 2 bands on pullup. Balls.
08/23/2013 Break Bad RXed 15:08 Don"t short the run, jackwagon. (+:25)
08/19/2013 Your language is offensive PRed Mod 113 L1 weight (95), still sucked.
08/19/2013 Max Overhead Squat RXed 135 lbs
08/19/2013 Back Squats I RXed 295 lbs
08/14/2013 In Omnia Paratus Mod 35:00 DNF. Short 3 ring pullups and 600m run.
08/12/2013 The Dark Orchestra Mod 168 L2 weight (35lbs plate/20lbs wall ball). Welcome back.
08/02/2013 Shoot em' Up Mod 15:59 Good gravy. Mods ahoy. Learn to climb a rope.
08/02/2013 Max Split Jerk RXed 185 lbs
07/29/2013 Man Up Mod 35 30 lbs on man makers. Blue band on muscle up.
07/29/2013 Max Back Squat PRed RXed 355 lbs You did it, but now get lower.
07/22/2013 Sugar we're going down swingin Mod 19:03 Just under the 20 min cap. L3 weight (95lbs). Any heavier, I would have been toast.
07/19/2013 Fat Lip Mod 13:19 135 lbs on power clean, two bands on pullup, 24" on box. Try the 30" next time.
07/19/2013 EMOM: Front Squats @85% RXed 225 lbs
07/17/2013 Push Jerk 3x2 RXed 250 lbs
07/17/2013 Snatch+Snatch Balance+OH Squat RXed 115 lbs Recording the heaviest weight recorded, not the total.
07/15/2013 Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Puff Mod 144 KB and DU as Rx. Knees to gut and two pads for the HSPU. Case of the Mondays.
07/10/2013 Strong people are harder to kill RXed 610 lbs 3 sets of 115, 3 sets of 75. Figure out a push jerk max.
07/08/2013 Back Squat 5x5@75% RXed 275 lbs Not sure if we are to add the total weight (1325lbs) or just our highest weight performed. I will ask the next time I am in.
07/08/2013 Double Thrust Mod 09:42 L2 weight. Go heavier next time.
07/03/2013 Max Snatch RXed 135 lbs Work on getting set and getting down to the squat.
07/03/2013 Push Press RXed 945 lbs Test on max soon
07/01/2013 Forfeit Mod 120 Still needed head mats. Still needed bands. We will get there.
06/28/2013 Beyond the grey sky Mod 08:58 Red band on the dip. C'mon man.
06/26/2013 Doin' It Right Mod 147 105 on bar, knee to belly, box needed for HSPU. Other than that, you did great.
06/24/2013 High Bar Back Squat Mod 350 lbs New PR.
06/24/2013 Helen Mod 13:50 Don't stop next time. Be better next round.
06/17/2013 Run Forrest, Run! Mod 75 L2 weight (35lbs). Work on asymmetric stuff more.
06/13/2013 Out Loud Mod 39:50 L2 weight (35lbs). Burpee PU was Rx. That was tough.
06/12/2013 The Shankle Complex RXed 975 lbs Push to start higher to eliminate the 95lbs start.
06/11/2013 Comer here little goats, come heeeere Mod 92 Pull ups and snatches with 75lbs. Still need work.
06/10/2013 Flying Horses Mod 79 Mod on toes to bar. Everything else was Rx. Thruster max is now 175lbs. Be ready to be sore tomorrow.
05/17/2013 Gum Drop Mod 19:25 No Rx on PU. In time...
05/15/2013 Crazy Straws Mod 10:38 Mod HSPU with 24box. Still sucked. But I will get there.
05/13/2013 Shoot it Out Mod 80 All mods. Toes turned into knees up. Pistols needed a box. Sprints were good, though.
05/13/2013 Max Back Squat Mod 345 lbs
04/29/2013 Rise Up Mod 17:34 L1 weight on thrusters (115lbs). Wall walks and DUs were compromised later in the workout as well.
04/29/2013 5 K Run Mod 26:17
04/26/2013 I wear your grandad's clothes RXed 12:13 This was a great workout. Too bad I am going to never see it again.
04/24/2013 I don't think you're ready for this jelly Mod 27:14 Did 35lbs on Turk Gitup. Still very challenging. Balls.
04/19/2013 Halo Drop Mod 13:57 L1 weight (115lbs). Should have Rx'ed again. Next time. Need to lift to my max on squat as well; did 315lbs pretty easy.
04/17/2013 Ignite Mod 26:33 Rx on first round then only went up increments of 10 (125/135lbs). Should have gone heavier. Be better than yesterday.
04/08/2013 Faster RXed 13:46 Another Rx. Need to push the sprints faster. To note: the last set of 3 for back squats at 295 was pretty easy. Pick it up next time.
04/05/2013 Open 13.5 tweeeaked Mod 110 Weight Rx (100lbs). Two bands (red and blue) to get chest to bar. Flexibility for wrist is needed.
04/03/2013 Grace RXed 10:17 Hey, if was an Rx. Wanna fight out it?
04/01/2013 FooL Mod 240 L1 on the weight (135lbs). Single unders after the 3 jump rope set. No lift on the last five Thruster reps. Wrist flexibility is an issue.
03/22/2013 Options Mod 20:00 Goat1=overhead squat (65-75-95, 5 repsx10) Goat2=pull ups no bands, 3 repsx10). Death by 10M as a cool down (?)
03/20/2013 Down Under RXed 305 Friggin' lost count. But it's close enough. DU deteriorated quickly. Need to brush up on those and my squat stance.
03/08/2013 CrossFit Games Open 11.2 RXed 225 Recording reps, not rounds. Another Rx in the books. Enjoy your Saturday.
03/06/2013 1000M Row RXed 04:05 Damper was at 6.
03/04/2013 Is the wod up? Mod 16:39 Three bands on PU (2 green, 1 red). Did 35 on dumb bells. So, there was that.
02/20/2013 Defining Moment RXed 120 rounds Another Rx. Bring it.
02/18/2013 A Good Day to Die Hard RXed 107 rounds 53lbs kb. 24in box. That's another Rx.
02/18/2013 Max Front Squat Mod 305 lbs
02/08/2013 Up and over RXed 11:48 That's how you do it on a, son! (20in box BTW)
02/06/2013 Flight Simulator Mod 10:00 Only got up to 25 uninterrupted on the front end. Not bad after one year of working on it.
02/04/2013 Like a G6 Mod 17:54 L1 weight (85lbs). go quicker. pivot on hips.
02/01/2013 I'll see you then, or I'll see you on another time Mod 296 L1 weight. I was already toast. Still good effort.
01/28/2013 Better Bag it Up Mod 120 L1 weight on dips (35lbs round weight). Knees to stomach on pull-up bar. Stick and stay.
01/16/2013 Hadouken Mod 20:55 L2 weight (185/35kettle). I could have gone heavier. Can't be afraid of the kettle.
01/14/2013 Broken Mod 15:02 L2 weight (65 bar, 14 ball). Mods on toes to bar. I'm fat and I'm working on it.
01/11/2013 Confidence is a stain they can't wipe off Mod 11:37 L3 weight (75lbs), L2 box (24"). At a medium pace. Work.
01/09/2013 Turn it up a notch Mod 132 L2 weight with Rx height. 25 smasher. 3 bands pull up. Better, but not good.
01/07/2013 Just remember, you wanted this Mod 16:08 L1 ball (14lbs). No weight on pull ups. Last two pull ups were broken. You are a fat little man.
12/12/2012 Annie is grumpy Mod 25:00 Got to second 30 DU headed to 30 situps. Got stopped about 20 times...lost count at 14. Did about 24-40 penalty burpees.
12/11/2012 You know I don't speak Spanish Mod 108 L1 weight (75) with two bands on PU (set of 3 no bands) SWOD - 5 sets of 275, 225, 235, 245, 255, 265
11/30/2012 Maximus Decimus Meridius Mod 56 85lbs on C&J. Blue band on muscle-ups. 205/235/275/295/245 on squats.
11/26/2012 Are you not entertained Mod 15:16 Strength=645lbs. L1 weight (20/45) Good to be back.
11/09/2012 Nate Mod 10 rounds L3 weight (35lbs) due to half marathon this weekend. I could probably do L1 when I'm on. Figure out handstands.
11/05/2012 Oh you fancy huh Mod 07:55 L1 (225) on DL. Will pair it down in prep for RnR SA.
10/31/2012 Lurong Tribute Wod Mod 355 L1 KB weight (45lbs). What the hell is up with my pushups?
10/29/2012 Red Bull Mod 22:17 425lbs total on STRENGTH. L2 mod on WOD (75lbs/24" box). Easy does it getting back to it.
10/10/2012 Headstrong Mod 15:10 L1 weight (20 ball/45 KB). Unbroken one round.
10/05/2012 Nancy Mod 17:53 L2 weight (65). Good job, good effort.
10/05/2012 EMOM: Back Squats RXed 2950 lbs Damn dude.
10/03/2012 High Voltage Mod 15:47 L1 weight (135/20box). Not too bad.
09/28/2012 Thruster 5x2 RXed 635 lbs
09/28/2012 Rocket Mod 104 L3 weight (75). Will go heavier next time.
09/26/2012 CrossFit Total RXed 825 lbs You can do more.
09/19/2012 Christine RXed 19:06 bodyweight = 225. Lose some damn weight.
09/14/2012 When All Is Said And Done Mod 28:18 Tried Rx, failed. L1 on ball. Rx on box. 1000m row = 4:14.
09/12/2012 Unbreakable Mod 15 rounds L2 weight (85lbs). Mod DU with singles. Getting better at DUs.
09/07/2012 I think I need some more cardio RXed 31:09 8:17 2000m row, 9:02 1mile run, 1:50.9 500m row
09/05/2012 Too close for missiles, I'm switching to guns Mod 18:45 L3 weight (20DB, 25kb). Three straps on pullup. Quit taking days off.
09/05/2012 Pendlay Rows RXed 795 lbs
08/29/2012 DJ Ruby Rhod Mod 29:10 L2 weight (45). Rings were good.
08/27/2012 Negative, I am a meat popsicle Mod 15:33 Welcome back. No more off days. L2, 3 and 4--though they don't have one (95, 75 and 65). One blue band on the rings.
08/27/2012 Sumo Deadlift 5x3 Mod 1425 lbs 315X2, 225, 275, 295.
08/17/2012 Front Squat 7x3 RXed 1155 lbs Still toast from Wednesday's workout. But 185 is a good heavy weight.
08/17/2012 Look What I Can Do Mod 14:01 L2 (14o\ on ball/45 on kb). Doing better on double unders. Getting there.
08/15/2012 Keep Our Composure Mod 100 rounds L2 weight (75/25). Three bands on chest pull-up. Need work on snatch.
08/15/2012 EMOM: Back Squats RXed 1970 lbs Check max weight on squat.
08/09/2012 Max Back Squat RXed 335 lbs
08/09/2012 Gold Medal Mod 4 rounds Three straps for pullups.
08/09/2012 Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps RXed 1055 lbs Need to work on split squat.
08/03/2012 Click Click Boom Mod 17:05 Toes to bar was knees to chest. Getting better with the chest opening on the swing, just look straight ahead.
08/01/2012 Obey Mod 250 rounds If we are going by rounds, I need to log in 8 (so confused). L2 weight (95) with DUs getting better and better.
08/01/2012 Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps PRed RXed 1035 lbs
07/25/2012 Flash Gordon Mod 198 L2 weight (55). Minute limit with DUs using mountain climbers.
07/25/2012 Shoulder press 3-3-3-3-3 reps RXed 515 lbs
07/24/2012 Fran Mod 07:58 L1 weight (75), three bands on pullup bar.
07/23/2012 Max Clean & Jerk RXed 175 lbs
07/20/2012 100 sit ups for time Mod 05:38 I think this is a PR, but not by much.
07/20/2012 1 Mile Run Mod 07:44 Hot. Real hot. Damn hot. And that's a PR, folks.
07/20/2012 Row 2K Mod 08:32 Actually it was 8:31.7. But let's not be picky.
07/20/2012 Max Pull Ups PRed Mod 5 Two better than my previous max-out.
07/20/2012 Max Push ups Mod 27 I can do better next time.
07/18/2012 Rogue Mod 33:20 L2 weight (25). Blue box on jumps! Under five minutes in DU.
07/17/2012 Annie Mod 21:50 Worked DU for two minutes before mods.
07/16/2012 10 Rounds of Chelsea Mod 10 rounds 16:00 time elapsed. Three bands on pullup.
07/11/2012 Shake and Bake Mod 142 L2 weight (75), three band on pullup, small grey box on pistols. Lost count of rounds, but that's okay. Better next time.
07/11/2012 Overhead squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps Mod 375 lbs Got to work on this lift. Don't be awkward.
07/09/2012 July Painstorm Mod 48:13 Mod-a-fied. Quarter my weight on bar workout. Three bands on pullups. Dang.
07/06/2012 Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps RXed 1305 lbs Good start, good finish.
07/06/2012 RamRod Mod 11:48 L2 weight (155), knees to bar vice feet to bar.
07/02/2012 What a Noob Mod 23:33 L2 weight (75/95lbs). Got to watch my form on sumo.
06/29/2012 Max distance broad jump RXed 90 Good job, good effort
06/29/2012 Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps RXed 585 lbs
06/29/2012 1 min max calorie air dyn cycle RXed 19
06/29/2012 2 min max double unders Mod 40
06/29/2012 5 x 250m row interval RXed 00:49
06/27/2012 Sexy Sauce Mod 220 Rope mods: ground to upright. Everything else was par. Good job, good effort.
06/25/2012 Hiccups Mod 40:22 L2 weight (35lb kettlebells). Started one band on pull ups--finished with two.Good job, good effort.
06/22/2012 I wanna go fast Mod 27:39 L2 weight (75lbs). Three bands on pull ups.
06/20/2012 Death by 10 meters Mod 13 rounds Need to pace the single digits a bit better. Good job, good effort.
06/18/2012 Clean Pulls 5x3 RXed 795 lbs Good job, good effort
06/18/2012 Elizabeth Mod 14:17 L2 weight (95lbs). One red band for assist on ring dips.
06/16/2012 June Painstorm (Courtesy of CrossFit New England) Mod 33:48 95lbs on bar. 4 bands on penalty pullups. 2 ab mats on HSPU. Good job, good effort.
06/15/2012 Prometheus Mod 35:24 Mods on GHD situp (ab mat). First mile approx. 8:48. Good job. Good effort.
06/14/2012 Hail No Mod 24:24 Finished approximately 90 in 5 minutes: trying new technique. One red band for ring digs. Three bands for pullup.
06/13/2012 Hog Wild RXed 37:39 24" box. Not too shabby.
06/12/2012 Mary Mod 5 rounds 2 ab mats for handstand push ups, boxes and counterweight for pistols, 3 bands for pull ups. Got halfway through round 6.
06/11/2012 Hog Tied Mod 19:20 L2 weight (55LBS). Low rings. 1000m approx 4:03.
06/08/2012 Dad! It's shark week! Mod 10:39 L1 weight (225lbs). I am a good human being.
06/07/2012 Did you touch my drumset Mod 12 L2 weight (35lbs). Once I get the pop in my hips we can go heavier.
06/06/2012 Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps RXed 965 lbs Squat gets better when I put weight on.
06/06/2012 Mack Mod 12:45 L2 weight (95lbs), 24" box, four bands for CTBPU.
06/05/2012 Isabel vs Grace Mod 11:08 L3 (75lbs). Need work on these two lifts.
06/04/2012 So many activities RXed 25:15 20lbs ball. About 4:11 on the row (1K). Need to work on your shrugs with the finish.
06/02/2012 Dueling Lizzies Mod 24:24 L2 on weight (95lbs), four straps on pull up, med box on jumps (may be ready for upgrade).
06/01/2012 Popcorned Mod 12:08 L2 weight and ball (95lbs/12lbs). Good speed but need more weight for challenge.
05/30/2012 Get Back to Work Mod 24:47 L1 weight (65lbs). Last round of DU - did all 50.
05/23/2012 Sex Panther Mod 22:33 L2 on weight (65lbs). Max out on DU with 32 in 2 mins. 2:04 with 1000m row.
05/21/2012 Badger Mod 01:00:00 DNF - Stopped after second round of pullups. Was at 30+ minutes when stopped.
05/14/2012 CrossFit Games Open 12.2 Mod 51 L2 weight (55/95...). Modified split squat for first 30 reps. When half-split, half-snatch squat. Need work but will get there.
05/09/2012 Prestige World Wide Mod 28:48 L2 weight (135/115). Bit off more than I can chew. Will do L3 until further notice. Did last two Push Jerks at 75lbs. Did mid size box jumps instead of over Box. Mods on Toes to Bar as well.
05/07/2012 You can call me Dragon Mod 17:48 Mid box with a 14lbs med ball.
05/04/2012 2010 Northwest Regional Event 1 Mod 10:44 L3 weight (75lbs) with box help. Did all 150 DUs.
05/02/2012 Michael RXed 30:55
04/30/2012 Nasty Girls Mod 14:48 L2 weight (95lbs), needed band help on low rings.
04/18/2012 Dirty Thirty Mod 19:23 Injury modified WOD: Box jumps = single leg jumps. KB = no leg KB. Lunges = situps. Push press = dumbell press. Wall ball = situps. Burpees = mod push ups. DUs = pull ups with bands (4).
04/16/2012 Max Pull Ups RXed 3
04/16/2012 Muscle clean 1-1-1-1-1 Mod 5 lbs Injury replacement WOD - Bench press 5x3reps (165lbs with chains on the end) plus 100 situps for 5:48.
03/30/2012 Wind Breaker Mod 181 14lbs on med ball. Consistent with 19-18 cal each minute.
03/28/2012 Timeline Mod 21:17 L1 (65lbs) on weight. Everything else was Rx. Felt really good after a couple of days off.
03/23/2012 Max Deadlift RXed 315 lbs Attempted 335lbs...no go. But we have a goal now.
03/23/2012 Get some Mod 13:17 Did 135lbs (between L2 and L3) on power clean. This was supposed to be an off day before my half-marathon, so we will consider that weight a taper-down.
03/21/2012 Hanging Around Mod 15:31 My core is so weak that the big number reps for inverted ring hangs I had to just do knee-to-elbows. Modified last couple reps using box assistance. But, handled the 70lbs SDLHP just fine.
03/19/2012 Resting 60 seconds between sets: Bench press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 RXed 1790 Started with 175 on my first 8 sets. Picked it up to 195 on the last 2 sets. May start with that next time.
03/19/2012 Dr. Tabata RXed 25 Need work on holds on rings. Handstands are getting better.
03/16/2012 Filthy Fifty Mod 44:30 Mid box (16 in) for jumps, 35lbs on kettle bell, 45lbs for push presses, 14lbs for wall ball.
03/14/2012 Grace PRed Mod 03:56 L2 (96) on weight. I will upgrade next test.
03/14/2012 Burpee Box Jumps Mod 09:27 Mid box...still on the mid box.
03/09/2012 March Painstorm Mod 41:49 L2 on all weights, bands with dips and pullups. Three ab mats for Handstand Push Up.
03/07/2012 Tabata Bottom to Bottom Squat Run 1 mile RXed 11 8:53 mile run
03/05/2012 Rankel Mod 5 185lbs on deadlift (L1). 45lbs on KB (L2). Assisted burpees with box jump pull up. Finish sixth set of deadlift when time expired.
03/02/2012 Double Tap RXed 33:55 Of course I broke suspension, but I finished the HRPU and DU before the 30 minute time limit. Oh well.
02/29/2012 Under the knife Mod 18:40 Three bands on the pull-ups. Med ball at 14lbs.
02/27/2012 Burn Mod 158 Rx weight. Not Rx box jumps. Still on the medium box. Very close to upgrading.
02/24/2012 Thruster 3-3-3-3-3 RXed 515 lbs Could go heavier to start
02/24/2012 Jackie Mod 14:04 Just the barbell on Thrusters. Three green bands on pullups.
02/20/2012 Runaway Train Mod 33 Had 95lbs on the bar. I will definitely need to upgrade on weight.
02/20/2012 Max BJs RXed 102
02/17/2012 Isabel Mod 03:33 65lbs on the bar. Once time improves I will up the weight.
02/17/2012 100 sit ups for time PRed RXed 05:35
02/17/2012 500mtr Row PRed RXed 01:44 Somehow I bested my previous time of 1:53. That calls for a beer.
02/15/2012 Shimmer Mod 23:11 Modified burpee pull-up (half burpee, half jump pull-up). 95lbs on the power clean bar. 14lbs on the medicine ball.
02/13/2012 Quicksand Mod 7 rounds 105lbs on the deadlift bar. Finished one more set of 10 and one last box jump before time expired.
02/13/2012 Deadlift RXed 1075 lbs First two 3x sets were warm ups. Could go a lot heavier next time.
02/10/2012 Bench press 3-3-3-3-3 RXed 665 lbs
02/10/2012 Hurry slowly RXed 75
02/08/2012 Crusher Mod 5 rounds Five full rounds plus 7 push presses and 10 overhead squats before time. Overhead squats: had medium box for assistance. Had 65lbs for push presses.
02/03/2012 Annibell Mod 23:40 Double-unders mod with tuck jumps after a minute elapsed. Did 20 and 10 DU set as prescribed. KB weight = 25lbs
02/01/2012 Walk this way RXed 30:55 Started with 45s on the farmers walk, then 30s, then 20s, then last two rounds with 15s. Should probably start with 25s until further progress.
01/30/2012 Jumpball Mod 30:06 Burpees were modified to ensure form. Did all four rounds. Wanted to quit. Did not quit.
01/27/2012 Death by Handstand Push Ups Mod 4 rounds With two ab mats as head support. Fifth set: could not stay upright.
01/27/2012 500mtr Row RXed 01:53 Form needs improvement but fair for beginning.


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