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Date Workout Result Notes Action
10/17/2012 What a delight Mod 13:56 went light, not feeling very conf with it all 65lb, itty bitty box, blue band on dips(medium tightness)
10/10/2012 Headstrong Mod 15:10 15lb smash 20lb kb felt like day 1 all over again
09/17/2012 Texas Barbell Massacre #1 Mod 08:07 35lb bar with 20lb 25 lb carry went light, but felt damn good!!!
09/14/2012 When All Is Said And Done Mod 25:32 totally effed this one up. did 30 on 14 instead of 50 first did 30 on an 16 " then did my 50 set then my 20 set I had to walk about a minute of the 800 1k didn't get clocked so im sure real time is like 35min or something
09/12/2012 Unbreakable Mod 10 rounds so within a minute I varied between 22 and 30 DU just used the 35lb bar, just not feeling to secure with the OH squat, had to use box too
09/10/2012 Weighted Pull-Up Mod 0 lbs dropped a band, did one strict pull up with 2 green bands
09/10/2012 Made of Glass Mod 58 rounds 4 rounds of DB squat cleans-15lb DB 3 rounds of pull ups-3 green bands
09/07/2012 I think I need some more cardio Mod 34:21 Row 9:15 Run 10 500 sprint 2:14 DU 7:14
09/05/2012 Too close for missiles, I'm switching to guns Mod 15:45 Used 15lb dumbells, had to dolphin used 20lb kb 3 green bands for pull ups
08/29/2012 DJ Ruby Rhod Mod 34:23 F******!!!!!!!!! Kyle bumped kb to 25lb Ring, I adjusted up and down. Run 1, 9:52 Run 2, 13:36, one min walking in 3 sections of 20seconds Again F***!!!!!
08/27/2012 Sumo Deadlift 5x3 Mod 1125 lbs started with 55 and added 10 every round, felt good!
08/25/2012 2011 and 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Final Team Event Mod 07:00 I performed Elizabeth: used a 35lb bar adding 10 on first round added 20more on 2nd round dropped 10 on 3rd round. On dips, will take practice to roll the shoulders and arms out, however really liked these once I got them:) Had a terrible amount of fun in the team setting, always appreciate the coaches motivating us and pushing us to increase the challenge! Team time 36:09
08/22/2012 12 minutes to establish 1 RM in Snatch Drop - off the rack Mod 35 lbs Ok so the overhead press squat, aka Snatch Drop is flipping hard to get the form. Ben showed me a "pole move" to prep my body, i.e. stretch those inside bits, which helped a great deal to really get me down in that squat and NOT bow my back. Started with a 15 lb bar to get form and in the last 5 min bumped up to the 35 lb bar, performed it rather slow but still, Got the Form, and that was very rewarding!
08/22/2012 These Roads are Treacherous Mod 0 Well the 4:15 class did 1 set T2b, rest 45, 2 set T2b, rest 45, and 3 set T2b, rest 45, ditto will all the rest...So Im not sure what to put as my score. on the T2b I started with just pull the bent knee legs to waist I did a modified HSPU with the box at 90 degree, gotta get over the fear on this one KBS, I belief I used the 20lbs, had to be reminded to keep my arms fully extended the whole time Snatch pull, I did 45lbs, bar over shoe laces, paint to the knee and than shrug it up with the last leg extension push.
08/20/2012 15 min to establish 2 RM Snatch Balance Mod 70 lbs just worked on form, used the small grey box to help with my squat, finally got the whole thing tied together at the end
08/20/2012 Give It Some Gas Mod 17:53 Used the 35lb bar and the box on my squat, finally found my rhythm on the 2nd set..felt great!
08/17/2012 Front Squat 7x3 Mod 1095 lbs I increased by 10 up to the 4th round and then reduced down to 55 for the rest, just didn't feel stable.
08/17/2012 Look What I Can Do Mod 09:43 Used a green ball, I think 10lb. Gotta get those double unders, the mountain climbers kill!
08/15/2012 EMOM: Back Squats Mod 75 lbs First time putting weight on a LBSquat, so I kept 75lbs throughout, feel like i need to work on form though.
08/15/2012 Keep Our Composure Mod 120 rounds Ok TJ, I could of done one more Snatch Snatch, just bar CTBP, used 3 greens and a blue, is it time to loose one? 15lb smash ball
08/13/2012 Thruster 1-10 1-20 1-30 Mod 360 lbs I put weight on the bar!!!!
08/10/2012 Everyone Poops Mod 142 rounds Used 3 bands of green and 1 of blue used small box to help with pistols did a dolphin type move to hit the push ups
08/10/2012 15 minutes to establish 2 RM High Bar Back Squat Mod 110 lbs 55lbs x 2, first time putting weight on the bar
08/06/2012 Pause Front Squats 3-3-3-3-3 Mod 205 lbs Good form, added 10 to begin
08/06/2012 Whatever Man Mod 18:23 Box jumps; used 4 45lbs stacked-did 12 every time C to bar; used 3 greens and 1 blue OHS; used 35lb bar, fell on first squat but continued on!
07/25/2012 Shoulder press 3-3-3-3-3 reps Mod 255 lbs had to reduce weight, bowing in back
07/25/2012 Flash Gordon Mod 35 3 rounds, used a 35lb bar for the HPS---one of my personal favorite lifts, and a 25lb for a new lift, Snatch Balances...don't forget to dip when you rcv!
07/23/2012 Fran Mod 09:18 Thruster with 35lb bar, pull ups with 4 green bands
07/23/2012 Max Clean & Jerk Mod 35 lbs 35 lb bar, tried to add 10lbs but really wanted to prioritize and worked on form
07/20/2012 1 Mile Run Mod 09:48 ughhhhh
07/20/2012 Row 2K Mod 10:34
07/20/2012 Max Pull Ups Mod 6 modified with 3 green bands
07/20/2012 Max Push ups Mod 15 Modified, girly push ups
07/20/2012 100 sit ups for time Mod 05:28
07/18/2012 Essentials 1 PRed Mod 07:52 Still had to modify on the rings, but yeah gotta start somewhere
07/16/2012 Essentials 5 Mod 5 rounds Don't over think! get out of your head! when doing the KB, more jumping up "style" as opposed to out.
07/14/2012 Essentials 4 Mod 12:11 on HPC shoulder, short/quick, elbows up
07/11/2012 Essentials 3 Mod 15:07 For Dead lift, remember a fluid motion
07/09/2012 Essentials 2 Mod 11:47 remember to keep knees down until bar comes back for return on rower*
07/07/2012 Essentials 1 Mod 13:07 Had to modify the ring pull up by stepping back half a step per John


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