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   Monday, April 14th @ 7:15 pm


  Tuesday, April 15th @ 7:30 am

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CFWR Golf Tournament Sunday 4/13/14

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Bring a Friend Friday!

Are your friends curious about what CrossFit is about?  Do they want to go to a class with you and check it out?

On the last Friday of the month you can bring a friend for FREE to ANY WOD of the day!

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April Spotlight Athlete

Dhenmark Padecio

This month our spotlight shines on Tiffany Johnson. Her consistency and willingness to improve is what makes her such a great athlete! Also she is fan of Justin Timberlake and we know that if you listen to his music you're automatically a person with quality movement's science. So please give Tiff a round of applause!! Congratulations!!



How long have you been CrossFitting?  

I joined Crossfit in January 2012, so a little over two years now.

Tell us about yourself… Where are you from?

I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia but moved to Texas at the enContinue Reading
Love me some Tiff!!!! You are such a joy to share time with. Thanks for being YOU!!
Tiffany, you inspire me every day with your smile and wonderful attitude. You truly make those early mornings at the gym so much brighter!!! Congratulations!
Congrats Tiff!! So excited for you :)) and, don't feel bad, I totally agree about justin and Britney ;)
Congrats Tiffany!!! I remember being paranoid that you were going to quit after your wedding haha sooo glad you didn't :)
Yayyyyyy!!!! Awesome job, Tiffany! Well deserved!!

Swole Mates

Dhenmark Padecio

Just a friendly reminder that we are still running the RPM Jump Rope referral special for the next Elements Series! If you have a friend sign up for the cycle that starts March 17th or March 18th, your friend will get $50 off the regular price of Elements and you will recieve a RPM Jump Rope. Its valued at $50 and comes with double unders!

Where would one go to purchase this rope if one wanted to get better at Double Unders...

The Novice's Curse

Kyle H

Found this gem that Greg Glassman(Founder of CrossFit) said back in 2005. This applies to new crossfitters, new coaches, people trying to learn a new skill, etc. Always keep this in mind. 

"There is a compelling tendency among novices developing any skill or art, whether learning to play the violin, write poetry, or compete in gymnastics, to quickly move past the fundamentals and on to more elaborate, more sophisticated movements, skills, or techniques. This compulsion is the novice's curse - the rush to originality and risk.

The novice's curse is manifested as excessive adorContinue Reading
Um, guilty :(.
I love this!!!

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