Pricing and Policies

To get new trainees comfortable with the skills and exercises, we require that you sign up and take our 6 series Elements Workshop before joining our CrossFit Group classes. Once you have 'graduated' from our Elements classes, you will continue into our CrossFit classes. Your Elements payment includes 2 weeks of Group CrossFit training. 

We're available to answer any questions about our training before you sign up or at any other time. Send us an email or give us a call today to schedule your free intro session or ask us anything you need to know to get started.


Elements Workshop + 2 weeks of Group Training upon Completion:

   $180 includes 6 group classes + 2 weeks of CrossFit Group Training

   $260 for private 1-on-1 elements (6 classes) + 2 weeks of CrossFit Group Training 

   $220 each for 2-on-1 training; 3 or more trainees, $200 each (6 classes) + 2 weeks of CrossFit Group Training

* Makeup Classes are $40 per person per session

Group Training Options:

 Please call (214) 444-8540 to discuss our pricing options for unlimited group training. 
 Visiting Drop-in class fee is $20

Personal training:
   $75  per session for one person session
   $55  per person for a two person session
   $45  per person for a three person session

* $10/session discounts are available for packages of 10 sessions pre-paid

Personal training sessions are paid in advance or at the start of the session with cash or check. Please give 24 hours notice if you must cancel and reschedule a personal training appointment. You may be charged for each appointment missed without 24 hour advance cancellation.


- Your Automatic payments will begin on your anniversary date.

- Classes are paid for via automatic ACH on a monthly, quarterly,  semi-annual, or yearly basis and auto renew at the end of each commitment term.  

- Cancellation- We require at least a 30 day written cancellation notice. We do not prorate monthly dues. If you are on a month to month or give less than a 30 day notice, you agree to pay one additional billing cycle based on the current unlimited monthly membership rate. You have gym privileges through the remainder of that time and we hope you use it!

- First responders & Full time students receive 10% off the monthly rate

- Family rates: the second member of the family receives a 10% discount, the third member of the family receives a 15% discount and each member after that receives a 20% discount.

*We do not refund monthly dues or prepayments
**Discounts cannot be combined.
***Freezing your account during your contract term is $10/mo. Freezing limit is set at 1 month per 6mo contract and 2 months per 12mo contract.